Fonts, fonts and more fonts for commercial oem license!

Weatherly Systems, Inc.

Fonts, fonts and more fonts for commercial oem license!Home of the WSI-Fonts Professional Collection. Our library of over 3,000 custom fonts -- text, display, dingbats, calligraphic, script, borders, handwriting, barcode, foreign and grunge typefaces -- is available for license for your commercial needs. Although we are best known for our Windows TrueType fonts, all of our font designs are available in TrueType, PostScript and custom formats for Windows, Mac (Macintosh), NeXT and Unix machines. Our fonts are ultra-high quality, made from clean art, high-resolution scans and fresh code, and include international (accented/european) characters, hinting, kerning and compositing for crispness and speed for both screen display and printing. We donít sell directly to end users, but rather provide fonts to software publishers who sell our fonts under their own labels. Current and past licensees include PowerUp, Spinnaker, SoftKey, Wayzata, Canon, Fuji, Epson, Serif, Borland, Novell, Maxis, Cosmi, Xoom, Dynamix/Sierra Online, Synergistic Software, Expert Software, IMSI, Parsons Technology, MySoftware, Abstract Software, Dunlop Corp., Case Inc., GraphicCorp, CAI, Creative Wonders, The Learning Company, Current Inc., Pierian Springs Software, Lookout World, Palladium Interactive, Philips Publishing, AIG, Asymetrix, Media Graphics, Knowledge Adventure, WIZ Technology, Paper Direct, Sanctuary Woods Multimedia, GST/GSP, Baudville, Zedcor, and many others...

WSI has been providing fonts to everyday and professional computer users for almost 10 years, and we have appreciated being able to serve you.

However, WSI is no longer selling or licensing fonts for redistribution. If you are an end-user and wish to purchase one or more of WSIís fonts for your personal or internal company use, many of WSIís fonts are available from

WSIís fonts are not freeware, but are commercial software protected by copyright.